Magic: The Gathering マジック:ザ・ギャザリング

First released in 1993 Magic: The Gathering was the world’s first Trading Card Game, since its release it has grown tremendously and is now played in over 70 countries across the world with cards printed in 11 different languages.
With a history of over 20 years there is now over 15,000 cards to choose from when creating a deck, giving great options to create your own or utilize something previously created in a satisfying battle of intellect.
Pick up a deck and play with friends or participate in tournaments, that may just lead you on a path to competing all over the world.

Here at Hareruya will always strive to support Magic, From selling cards to organizing exciting events and sponsoring pro players.


Hareruya Inc. is a company specializing in Magic: The Gathering retail & event organization.
Our main company philosophy is "To unify the world through Magic: The Gathering".


Managing retail stores, Online retailing, event organization, sponsoring pro players etc. Read more about our business and some of the things we have done to help grow the community.